AI Documents

Meta-Analyzer retrieves data from a wide range of data sources, such as shared Windows folders, web pages, file servers, email servers, etc. As users upload documents to these shared locations, each document's contents and its accompanying metadata are examined in detail. The extracted metadata is leveraged to provide a more dynamic and anticipatory information security, where Meta-Analyzer's AI algorithms will suggest appropriate user access on a file-by-file basis, automatically.


Meta-Analyzer makes it easy for users to set up groups and send invitations to collaborate on documents. The system dynamically indexes, analyzes and categorizes your shared files, and suggests existing documents visible on your network that may be of interest. The technology driving these suggestions has emerged from a multi-year research project into machine learning - the result is Meta-Analyzer's cutting-edge AI that adapts to the nature of your group's activities and retrains itself to stay current.

Data Flow Reports

Meta-Analyzer generates detailed Data Flow Reports on the fly that illustrate exactly how information is traveling through your organization. By tracking each document's movements, analyzing any changes made and discovering relevant similarities to other files, attractive and up-to-date visualizations of your groups activities are only a click away from being in presentation-ready form. Meta-Analyzer does the work of keeping perfect records of who’s accessing, editing, deleting and creating.

Diverse Formats

Meta-Analyzer performs comprehensive search functions and can process a diverse range of multimedia files and document formats. In addition to surface level details like the presence of keywords in file names, the search dives far deeper into similarities between discovered documents - for example, photos found to have been taken in a similar geolocation will be grouped together in results. This sophisticated analysis allows Meta-Analyzer to prepare smart search suggestions and other insightful recommendations.

We Are Listening

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